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Who is D.R Wellness?


Debbie Rodrigo graduated as a Laughter Wellness Leader in 2015 and became a certified Laughter Wellness Teacher in 2017. Shortly later she opens her own Laughter Wellness Club bringing people from all walks of life from the youngest participant of four years old to eighty years old. She connects with people through her engaging facilitation skills, her trigger laughter and her inner child playfulness. It is such joy to create a bubble of fun, play, releasing stress and engaging with the crowd. Debbie does weekly Laughter Wellness for the cancer survivors at the National Cancer Association, monthly laughter wellness for the visually impaired at the Malaysian Association of Blind (MAB). She also does for Parkinson center, some NGOs. Some of her corporate clients are WWF, Selangor Philharmonic Singers, MaGIC, The Face Shop Malaysia and also for small corporate events. One of her largest crowns was for over 2000 people in a single session.  She is one of the most sought-after Laughter Wellness facilitators in the Klang Valley. 

Laughter is a free anti-aging drug that can be administered to ANY BODY willing to breathe in deep in to their stomach and breathe out on purpose projecting a big “ah ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

For those not familiar with Laughter Wellness...

1. Laughter Wellness is a great way to bust down the barriers we put up around us.

2. Laughing boosts oxytocin, serotonin, endorphins..

2. It helps increase your oxygen intake and improves blood circulation.

3. It encourages you to release emotional baggage and to release your inner child.

4. Doing it in a group helps you engage and meet new people and have fun.

5. Your body cannot differentiate between fake or real laughter.

6. They don’t use jokes, humour or comedy in LW.

7. From FAKE it becomes SPONTANEOUS and then CONTAGIOUS.

8. It brings awareness to how we truly feel about how others perceive us!

9. They use Yoga in the name because they use yoga breathing techniques.


Laughter Wellness also miraculously releases emotional baggage

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Laughter is the best medicine, right?

So why don’t we use laughter and direct it to areas we need healing?

What I am realising more than ever is that it’s not that we lack the knowledge to help us be happy and healthy, it’s more that we lack the long term application of that which we know will help us be happy and healthy.

We may try it (any healing modality) once but shy away from it because we either didn’t experience instant results or we felt uncomfortable.

Laughter Wellness (some refer to it as Laughter Yoga) is one of those modalities that is based around that which we KNOW and at the same time puts us in a state of discomfort (feeling silly, feeling fake)

After collaborating with Debbie Rodrigo a few times while in KL and watching her journey bringing laughter and joy to Malaysia, I now appreciate just how powerful laughter is.


Is to laugh as much as you can today

And the next day 

And the next day after that...

And during at least one of those days, you do a Laughter Healing scan starting from your head and work your way to your toes.

Do this on your own or find a group of you and laugh and heal together.

Let me know how you decided to bring more laughter into your life other the next few days.

Share your laughter healing experience on here too.

Live and Laugh well x

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